This page contains a list of classic papers, presentations and articles of interest by international reseachers. The papers have been arranged by publication date. Where downloadable versions of these are available, links have been provided and the format noted. Please note however, that many journals specifically prohibit the publication of the final form of papers which have been submitted to them, unless the availability of that publication is limited to peers within the same organisation.

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 Fosse R, Joseph J, Richardson K: A critical assessment of the equal-environment assumption of the twin method for schizophrenia. Frontiers in psychiatry 6:62, 2015 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Wray NR, Visscher PM: Quantitative genetics of disease traits. Journal of animal breeding and genetics = Zeitschrift fur Tierzuchtung und Zuchtungsbiologie 132(2):198-203-203, 2015 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Barnes JC;Wright JP;Boutwell BB;Schwartz JA;Connolly EJ;Nedelec JL;Beaver KM: Demonstrating the validity of twin research in criminology. Criminology 52(4):588-626, 2014 [PDF]
 Felson J: What can we learn from twin studies? A comprehensive evaluation of the equal environments assumption. Social science research 43:184-199, 2014 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 LoParo D, Waldman I: Twins' rearing environment similarity and childhood externalizing disorders: a test of the equal environments assumption. Behavior Genetics 44(6):606-613, 2014 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Conley D, Rauscher E, Dawes C, Magnusson PK, Siegal ML: Heritability and the equal environments assumption: evidence from multiple samples of misclassified twins. Behavior Genetics 43(5):415-26, 2013 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Littvay L: Do heritability estimates of political phenotypes suffer from an equal environment assumption violation? Evidence from an empirical study. Twin Research and Human Genetics 15(1):6-14, 2012 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Martin NG: Commentary: Discussion of 'The History of Twins, As A Criterion Of The Relative Powers of Nature And Nurture' by Francis Galton (1875). International Journal of Epidemiology 41(4):917-919, 2012 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 van Dongen J, Slagboom PE, Draisma HH, Martin NG, Boomsma DI: The continuing value of twin studies in the omics era. Nature Reviews Genetics 13(9):640-653, 2012 [PDF] [OSI] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Richardson K, Norgate S: The equal environments assumption of classical twin studies may not hold. The British journal of educational psychology 75(Pt 3):339-350, 2005 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Boomsma DI, de Geus EJ, van Baal GC, Koopmans JR: A religious upbringing reduces the influence of genetic factors on disinhibition: evidence for interaction between genotype and environment on personality. Twin Research 2(2):115-25-25, 1999 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Dolan CV, Boomsma DI, Neale MC: A simulation study of the effects of assignment of prior identity-by-descent probabilities to unselected sib pairs, in covariance-structure modeling of a quantitative-trait locus. American Journal of Human Genetics 64(1):268-80-280, 1999 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Dolan CV, Boomsma DI, Neale MC: A note on the power provided by sibships of sizes 2, 3, and 4 in genetic covariance modeling of a codominant QTL. Behavior Genetics 29(3):163-70-170, 1999 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 O'Connell JR, Weeks DE: An optimal algorithm for automatic genotype elimination. American Journal of Human Genetics 65(6):1733-40-1740, 1999 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Joseph J: The Equal Environment Assumption of the Classical Twin Method: A Critical Analysis. The Journal of Mind and Behavior 19(3):325-358, 1998 [PDF]
 Dolan CV, Boomsma DI: Optimal selection of sib pairs from random samples for linkage analysis of a QTL using the EDAC test. Behavior Genetics 28(3):197-206-206, 1998 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Loehlin JF: The Cholesky Approach: A Cautionary Note. Behavior Genetics 26:65-69, 1996 [PDF]
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 Cunningham MR, Roberts AR, Barbee AP, Druen PB, Wu CH: Their Ideas of Beauty Are, on the Whole, the Same as Ours:Consistency and Variability in the Cross-Cultural Perception of Female Physical Attractiveness. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 68(2):261-279, 1995 [PDF]
 Cardon LR, Smith SD, Fulker DW, Kimberling WJ, Pennington BF, DeFries JC: Quantitative Trait Locus for Reading Disability on Chromosome 6: Correction. Science 268(5217):1553-1553, 1995 [PDF]
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