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Name:Nicholas Gordon MARTIN
Born:14/2/50, Adelaide, South Australia
Marital Status:Married, two children
Address:QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute,
300 Herston Road, Q 4029, Australia.
Phone Number:+61+7+3362 0278
Fax:+61+7+3362 0101


1972University of Adelaide: Department of Genetics, B.Sc. First class Honours in Genetics. Thesis: The inheritance of scholastic abilities in a sample of twins
1977University of Birmingham: Department of Genetics, Ph.D. Thesis: The classical twin study in human behaviour genetics


2012 - presentSenior Scientist & Senior Principal Research Fellow, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute.
1992 - presentAdjunct Professor, Departments of Pathology (1993), Zoology (1996) and Psychology (2003), University of Queensland
1992 - 2012Senior Principal Research Fellow, Queensland Institute of Medical Research.
1988 - 1992Principal Research Fellow, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane.
1986 - 1988Senior Research Fellow, Queensland Institute of Medical Research, Brisbane.
1983 - 1986Assistant Professor, Department of Human Genetics, Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, Virginia, USA.
1978 - 1983Research Fellow, Department of Population Biology, Research School of Biological Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra.
1976 - 1978Research Fellow, Department of Genetics, University of Birmingham, England.


Established Australian Twin Registry (with J.D. Mathews - 1978)
President, Behavior Genetics Association (1996-98)
Executive Committee, Behavior Genetics Association (1987-90)
Executive Committee, International Society of Twin Studies (1986-2001)
Associate Editor of Behavior Genetics (1986-92)
Editor in Chief of Twin Research and Human Genetics (2000-present)
Editorial Board of American Journal of Medical Genetics (Neuropsychiatric Genetics) (1993-present)
Editorial Board of Journal of Studies on Alcohol (1998-2002)
Editorial Board of Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (2005 - present)
International Society of Twin Studies, James Shields Award for outstanding contributions to Twin Research (1986)
Advisory Board, Australian NHMRC Twin Registry
Fulker award for best paper in Behavior Genetics in 1999 (with M. Neale and others)
Fulker award for best paper in Behavior Genetics in 2003 (with N. Gillespie and others)
Fellow of the Australian Academy of Social Sciences, September 2003
QIMR Ralph Doherty Prize for Outstanding Achievement and Leadership in Medical Research, November 2004
Behavior Genetics Association, Dobzhansky Award for Outstanding Contributions to Behavior Genetics, July 2005
Associate editor of the American Journal of Human Genetics (2008-10), one of only three foreigners so honored
Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science, March 2008
Advisory Board A&NZ, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (ANZJP) 2012 - present
Member, Research Advisory Committee,National Centre for Indegenous Genomics, ANU 2015 - present

Learned Societies:

Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences (AAHMS)(Fellow)
American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) (Fellow)
Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia (ASSA) (Fellow)
Australian Academy of Brain Sciences (Member)
International Society of Twin Studies (ISTS) (Fellow)
American Society of Human Genetics (ASHG)
Behavior Genetics Association (BGA) (President, 1996-8)
Human Genetics Society of Australasia
European Society of Human Genetics
International Society of Genetic Epidemiology
Human Genome Organisation (HUGO)
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry (ANZJP)

PhD theses supervised:

Rosemary Jardine (ANU, Psychology, 1985)
A twin study of personality, social attitudes and drinking behaviour.

Susan Treloar (UQ, Psychiatry, 1992)
Genetic and environmental influences on gynaecopsychiatric conditions.

David Duffy (UQ, Medicine, 1994)
Asthma and allergic diseases in Australian twins and their families.

Tracey Wade (Flinders, Psychology, 1997)
A twin study of disordered eating and attitudes characteristic of bulimia nervosa

Paula Dempsey (Adelaide, Dentistry, 1998)
Genetic and environmental contributions to morphological variation in the human permanent dentition.

Robert Lake (UQ, Psychology, 1998)
Aspects of the genetic architecture of Neuroticism

Michelle Luciano (UQ, Psychiatry, 1998-2001)
An information processing approach to the genetic study of psychometric intelligence: links between processing speed, working memory and IQ

David Evans (UQ, Zoology, 2003)
The genetics of blood cell concentrations.

Narelle Hansell (UQ, Psychology, 2003)
A genetic investigation of brain function and cognitive ability

Nathan Gillespie (UQ, Psychology, 2003)
The genetic etiology of psychological distress: investigations of the diathesis-stress model.

Manuel Ferreira (UQ, Medicine, 2006)
Genetic risk factors for allergic asthma

Mark Wainwright (UQ, Psychology, 2007)
Genetics and environmental sources of covariation among cognitive abilities

Belinda Cornes (UQ, Medicine, 2007)
Aetiology of Obesity in Australian Families

Sri Shekar (UQ, Medicine, 2008)
Genetics of Melanoma Susceptibility and Development

Will Coventry (UNE, Psychology 2008)
Perceived social support: its genetic and environmental etiology and association with depression

Rita Middelberg (UQ, Medicine 2009)
Genetics of lipid cadiovascular risk factors in Australian families

Brendan Zietsch (UQ, Psychology, 2009)
Twin studies investigating the etiology of human sexuality and personality

Gu Zhu (UQ, Medicine, 2010)
The Quantitative Genetics of Nevus Count and Other Pigmentary Characteristics of the Skin

Karin Verweij (UQ, Psychology, 2012)
The genetics of complex human behavior: cannabis use, personality, sexuality and mating

Miriam Mosing (UQ, Psychology, 2012)
Genetic influences on quality of life throughout the life span: Genetic and environmental influences on the variation in and covariation among traits related to quality of life throughout life time and in the aged

Nico Martin (UQ, Psychology, 2013)
Genetics of cognitive measures and correlated traits

Miguel E Renteria (UQ, Psychology & Medicine, 2013)
Mapping the Genetic Architecture of Subcortical Brain Anatomy


Dr Natalie Mills (UQ, Medicine) Post Submission
Daniel (Liang-Dar) Hwang (UQ, Medicine)
Chang (Lun-Hsien) Chang (UQ, Medicine)