Dr Stuart MacGregor Email
Telephone: +61 7 3845 3563
Facsimile: +61 7 3362 0101
Email: Stuart.MacGregor@qimrberghofer.edu.au


Dr Macgregor's area of primary interest is statistical genetics/genetic epidemiology. Within this field he has had success working on a very wide variety of traits ranging from bipolar disorder in psychiatry through to cancers such as melanoma. His work in the United Kingdom (MSc with distinction 2000, PhD - University of Edinburgh 2003, Lectureship - Cardiff University 2003-2005) led to several well cited publications including a first author paper in Science.

He joined Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) in 2005. He is currently Senior Research Fellow in the Queensland Statistical Genetics group, funded by an Australian National Health and Medical Research Council Career Development Award (Level 2). He is Adjunct Senior Lecturer at the School of Medicine, University of Queensland.

His work at QIMR includes the use of twin data to better understand quantitative trait variation and analysis of disease cohorts to identify disease susceptibility genes. He has developed novel methodology for the analysis of pooled DNA for genome wide association analysis and has spearheaded the application of DNA pooling in Australia. Successful applications of pooling include endometriosis, melanoma, alcohol dependence, glaucoma and macular degeneration, with further traits in the pipeline.

Dr Macgregor has received a number of awards recognizing his contributions to the field;

  • The Queensland Premier's Award for Medical Research 2009 (Senior Researcher Category)
  • The Millennium Award - Lorne Genome Conference 2009
  • Australian Academy of Science - Ruth Stephens Gani Medal 2010 (The Academy early career award recognizing distinguished research in human genetics)

In the public arena he was selected as one of Queensland's "Best and brightest" in both 2008 and 2009 by the newspaper The Courier Mail. The list, published annually, comprises 50 people from all aspects of life, ranging from Olympic medalists to business leaders.

Dr Macgregor has set up a network of collaborators that includes researchers in various centres in the UK, United States, New Zealand and The Netherlands. In Australia, he has established collaborations with researchers in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Dr Macgregor is principle supervisor of one PhD student and associated supervisor of two PhD students. He currently employs one Research Assistant.

Research Projects

Dr Macgregor's interests include

Gene mapping studies in

  • Melanoma
  • Ovarian Cancer
  • Endometriosis
  • Alcohol and Nicotine Dependence
  • Glaucoma
  • Macular Degeneration
  • Schizophrenia
  • Bipolar disorder
  • Depression
  • Cardiovascular disease related traits

Development and application of methods for genome wide association using DNA pooling.

Analysis of data from large pedigrees - applications include studies of psychiatric disease and studies examining cardiovascular disease.

Methodological development and analysis in quantitative genetics; previous work has included quantitative trait locus mapping for longitudinally measured traits and analysis of multiple measures using twin data.

Analysis methods for DNA methylation studies.

Easy to use software development for genetic association analysis.

Software Development - http://genepi.qimr.edu.au/general/softwaretools.cgi

VErsatile Gene-based Association Study program (VEGAS): VEGAS is a web based program which calculates a gene-based (rather than a single marker based) test of association for genome-wide association studies (GWAS). The program implements a method which is applicable to family-based GWAS, meta-analysis of GWAS based on summary data and DNA pooling-based GWAS where existing approaches based on permutation are not possible, as well as to case-control/singleton data, where they are. The program was the subject of a publication in the American Journal of Human Genetics (SM publication 47).

Genetic Association Interaction Analysis (GAIA): GAIA is a web-based program for genetic association analysis. GAIA is a freely available program that allows non-specialist users access to an important methodological technique for genetic association analysis. The program is used worldwide. The program was the subject of a publication in BMC Medical Genetics (SM publication 19).


Current grants where I am a named chief investigator

2008-2010  Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC) Project Grant. 496610. Grant Montgomery, Sue Treloar, Stuart Macgregor (CIC). A genome wide association study for endometriosis susceptibility genes, 2008 $466,781; 2009 $454,032, no cost extension to 2010 obtained. Total $920,813. Time allocation 2008-2010: 10% per year.
2008-2012  United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) R01 N.K. Hayward, N.G. Martin, D.L. Duffy, G.W. Montgomery, S. Macgregor (CIE), D. Whiteman. Pathways from genotype and environment to melanoma. 2008 US$292,942; 2009 US$299,523; 2010 US$192,244; 2011 US$198,012; 2012 US$129,503. Total US$1,112,224. Time allocation 2008-2012: 10% per year.
2008-2010  Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC) Project Grant 496675. Stuart Macgregor (CIA), Novel Statistical Methods for DNA Pooling. 2008- $80,059, 2009- $62,875, 2010- $62,875, Total $205,809. Time allocation 2008-2010: 50% per year.
2008-2010  Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC) Project Grant, 496698. Bryan Mowry, Lynn Jorde, Stuart Macgregor (CIC). Linkage and association studies of schizophrenia in an isolated population. 2008-$120,625, 2009-$210,625, 2010-$45,313. Total $376,563. Time allocation 2008-2010: 5% per year.
2009-2011  Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHRMC) Project Grant, 535074. Jamie E Craig, Stuart Macgregor (CIB), David A Mackey, Alex W Hewitt, Jac C Charlesworth, Kathryn P Burdon, A genome-wide association scan for glaucoma 2009- $129,000, 2010- $373,750, 2011- $84,750, Total $587,500. Time allocation 2009-2011: 10% per year.
2009-2011  Cancer Australia, Priority-driven Collaborative Cancer Research Scheme, ID 552481, Georgia Chenevix-Trench, Anna deFazio, Stuart Macgregor (CIC), Michelle M Haber, Howard Gurney, Paul R Harnett, Response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer. 2009 - $200,000, 2010 - $171,300, 2011 - $197,450. Total $568,750. Time allocation 2009-2011: 10% per year


Peer-reviewed publications

Most publications are listed in PubMed and the abstracts can be accessed by clicking here. pdfs of most articles are available below.


Since 2002 I have (co)authored 52 peer-reviewed publications (17 in impact factor >10 journals, including 3 in Nature/Science): 18 as first author, 2 as sole author and 3 as senior author. The average impact factor over all publications is 8 (impact factors are given in braces after each entry). I have (co)authored 16 papers with more than 16 citations (H index 16). Citation numbers are given in square brackets after each entry.


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