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Telephone: +61 7 3362 0286
Facsimile: +61 7 3362 0101
Email: belleC@qimrberghofer.edu.au

Below are some of the publications Dr Cornes has co-authored with other research staff at GenEpi. For a complete list of publications please contact Dr Cornes.

 Lu Y, Vitart V, Burdon KP, Khor CC, Bykhovskaya Y, Mirshahi A, Hewitt AW, Koehn D, Hysi PG, Ramdas WD, Zeller T, Vithana EN, Cornes BK, Tay WT, Tai ES, Cheng CY, Liu J, Foo JN, Saw SM, Thorleifsson G, Stefansson K, Dimasi DP, Mills RA, Mountain J, Ang W, Hoehn R, Verhoeven VJ, Grus F, Wolfs R, Castagne R, Lackner KJ, Springelkamp H, Yang J, Jonasson F, Leung DY, Chen LJ, Tham CC, Rudan I, Vatavuk Z, Hayward C, Gibson J, Cree AJ, MacLeod A, Ennis S, Polasek O, Campbell H, Wilson JF, Viswanathan AC, Fleck B, Li X, Siscovick D, Taylor KD, Rotter JI, Yazar S, Ulmer M, Li J, Yaspan BL, Ozel AB, Richards JE, Moroi SE, Haines JL, Kang JH, Pasquale LR, Allingham RR, Ashley-Koch A, NEIGHBOR Consortium, Mitchell P, Wang JJ, Wright AF, Pennell C, Spector TD, Young TL, Klaver CC, Martin NG, Montgomery GW, Anderson MG, Aung T, Willoughby CE, Wiggs JL, Pang CP, Thorsteinsdottir U, Lotery AJ, Hammond CJ, van Duijn CM, Hauser MA, Rabinowitz YS, Pfeiffer N, Mackey DA, Craig JE, Macgregor S, Wong TY: Genome-wide association analyses identify multiple loci associated with central corneal thickness and keratoconus. Nature Genetics 45:155-163, 2013 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Vink JM, Boomsma DI, Medland SE, de Moor MH, Stubbe JH, Cornes BK, Martin NG, Skytthea A, Kyvik KO, Rose RJ, Kujala UM, Kaprio J, Harris JR, Pedersen NL, Cherkas L, Spector TD, de Geus EJ: Variance components models for physical activity with age as modifier: a comparative twin study in seven countries. Twin Research and Human Genetics 14(1):25-34, 2011 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Cornes BK, Lind PA, Medland SE, Montgomery GW, Nyholt DR, Martin NG: Replication of the association of common rs9939609 variant of FTO with increased BMI in an Australian adult twin population but no evidence for gene by environment (G x E) interaction. International Journal of Obesity 33:75-79, 2009 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Cornes BK, Medland SE, Lind PA, Nyholt DR, Montgomery GW, Martin NG: Genetic Variation in Female BMI Increases with Number of Children Born but Failure to Replicate Association between GNbeta3 Variants and Increased BMI in Parous Females. Twin Research and Human Genetics 12(3):276-285, 2009 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Benyamin B, Perola M, Cornes BK, Madden PA, Palotie A, Nyholt DR, Montgomery GW, Peltonen L, Martin NG, Visscher PM: Within-family outliers: segregating alleles or environmental effects? A linkage analysis of height from 5815 sibling pairs. European Journal of Human Genetics 16(4):516-524, 2008 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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 Cornes BK, Zhu G, Martin NG: Sex differences in genetic variation in weight: a longitudinal study of body mass index in adolescent twins. Behavior Genetics 37(5):648-660, 2007 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
 Visscher PM, Medland SE, Ferreira MA, Morley KI, Zhu G, Cornes BK, Montgomery GW, Martin NG: Assumption-Free Estimation of Heritability from Genome-Wide Identity-by-Descent Sharing between Full Siblings. PLoS Genetics 2(3):316-325, 2006 [PDF] [PubMed] [More...]
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