Sib-pair Command: read map

ClassData Declaration command
Nameread map
Arguments <map file name> [[k]bp]

Read in map positions for loci from a file, matching via names of previously declared markers. Should recognize most formats of map file automatically eg GVF, Merlin, Mendel, Solar. Tests for identifier strings in the header (notably GVF), then checks number of columns and whether column contents are numeric or alphabetical, skipping first row as possible header. The bp (kbp) modifier tells Sib-pair to divide the positions by 106 (103); thus the map distances become Mbp, and remain readable.


>> read loc merlin merlin.dat

Read in names of    5 loci from locus file.
>> read map

Matched up    4 loci with their map positions.

>> read map Homo_sapiens.gvf.gz

Matched up 2999789 loci with their map positions.

See also:

set map <pos1>...<posN> set marker map
show mapshow linkage map

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