Sib-pair Command: set printstyle

Nameset printstyle
Arguments rectangular | pairs | observed | vertical | <binary_mask>

The command sets the format used by the print command. The default type is rectangular (horizontal), so that the selected records are printed on one line with values at each variable in regular columns.

If the pairs style has been set, then each value is printed as a variable_name=value pair. The observed style prints variable_name=value pairs where the value is nonmissing.

The vertical style is a rectangular format wth loci as rows and individuals as columns.

If a mask of the form ddddd is given, where d is "0" or "1", then this controls whether print outputs the pedigree_ID, Individual_ID, Paternal_ID, Maternal_ID and Sex columns. Note that this also affects the output of the write command.


>> print ped 13

!         S l o
!         e i n
!         x n e D13S162 D13S160 D13S170
13 1  x x m n n   4/4     3/5     x/x
13 2  x x f n n   4/8     2/5     x/x
13 3  1 2 m y y   4/4     5/5     x/x
13 4  1 2 f y n   4/4     5/5     x/x

Printed      4 records.

>> set pri pair

NOTE:  Print data as name=value pairs.

>>  print ped 13
ped=13 id=1 fa=x mo=x sex=m lincl=n oneperfam=n D13S162=4/4 D13S160=3/5 D13S170=x
ped=13 id=2 fa=x mo=x sex=f lincl=n oneperfam=n D13S162=4/8 D13S160=2/5 D13S170=x
ped=13 id=3 fa=1 mo=2 sex=m lincl=y oneperfam=y D13S162=4/4 D13S160=5/5 D13S170=x
ped=13 id=4 fa=1 mo=2 sex=f lincl=y oneperfam=n D13S162=4/4 D13S160=5/5 D13S170=x

Printed      4 records.

>> set pri 01000

NOTE:  Print data as rectangular matrix id, data.

>> pri ped 13
!  l o
!  i n D13S162 D13S160 D13S170
!  n e
 1  n n   4/4     3/5     x/x
 2  n n   4/8     2/5     x/x
 3  y y   4/4     5/5     x/x
 4  y n   4/4     5/5     x/x

Printed 4 records.

See also:

print print data where expression true
set genallele separator for writing genotypes
set misset missing data token for printing

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