Sib-pair Command: lrt

ClassAnalysis and data manipulation command

Constructs likelihood ratio test comparing the last two variance components (varcomp) or generalized linear (regress) or generalized linear mixed (fpm) or admixture (mixture) or log-linear (llm) models fitted. The compared likelihood statistics from fpm are actually the mean model loglikelihoods. This allows one to carry out tests of linkage after conditioning out the effects of genotype at a candidate polymorphism, and traditional "measured genotype" association analysis in pedigrees, including non-normal data (currently binomial and poisson distibuted traits).


>> include
>> mix yvar 1
>> mix yvar 2
>> lrt
Term         -2*LL NPar  P-value
------ ----------- ----  -------
Model0   3666.5179    2
Model1   3536.9155    4
LRTS      129.6024    2  0.0000

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