Sib-pair Command: llm

ClassAnalysis and data manipulation command
Arguments<trait 1> [[+] <trait 2>...] [[+] <trait 1> * <trait 2>...] [-1] [allelic]

Carry out log-linear modelling of a multidimensional contingency table under the specified model, which may include main effects and interactions. The model includes an intercept by default, but this can be excluded by addition of "-1" to the formula.

The allelic option causes an allelic model to be fitted for genotypes of the first listed marker in the model. So,

llm ldl allelic tests Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium for the locus "ldl".

llm ldl carrier ldl*carrier allelic fits a multiplicative allelic association between "ldl" and "carrier".

The lrt command can be used to compare sequentially fitted models.


>> include
>> llm CHD carrier ldl
>> llm CHD carrier ldl carrier*ldl
>> lrt
>> set plevel 2
>> llm CHD carrier ldl carrier*ldl

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