Sib-pair Command: write bin

ClassAnalysis and data manipulation command
Namewrite bin
Arguments <file name> [compress]

Writes a Sib-pair "binary" pedigree file. The file actually contains both locus descriptions and pedigree/genotype/phenotype data, and so saves the state of the program at that time. An image of Scheme's memory and the twinship and sex marker indicators are also saved.

These can be large files, but on systems where gzip is available, will be compressed if the compress modifier is present. Such files are automatically decompressed by the read bin command (if the filename has a .gz suffix. The default format for the file arises from a Fortran unformatted write of the locus and pedigree arrays, and so will be compiler and platform specific:

String:"Sib-pair raw pedigree"
Arrays[1..nloci]:loc, loctyp, locpos, locnotes
Arrays[1..nloci]: group, map
Integers:nped, nobs, numloc, numcol
Integers:nped, nact, maxsiz, maxact, nobs, numloc, numcol
Arrays[1..nped]:pedigree, num, nfound, actset
Arrays[1..nobs]:iped, imztwin, id, fa, mo, sex
String:"Other Variable States"
Integers:twinning, twintype
String:twintrait, sexmarker
String:"Sib-pair Scheme Image"
Integers:memsiz, nextfree, fcells
Integers: nil, t, f, un, global_env, lambda, quote, qquote, unquote, unquotesp, scm_args, code, dump, envir, oblist, oper, tok, value, print_flag
Array[1..memsiz] of type mcell :mem


>> include
>> write bin wok.bin compress
Wrote  1 pedigrees, 4032 individuals
       7 variables to "wok.bin.gz" (0.03 s).
>> clear
>>  read bin wok.bin.gz
Read in  1 pedigrees, 4032 individuals
         7 variables (0.02 s)
Dataset occupies 0.476 Mb.

See also:

write bin write Sib-pair binary file
read plink read PLINK .bed file
read pedigree read Sib-pair pedigree file

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