Sib-pair Command: read cases

ClassData Declaration command
Nameread cases
Arguments <data file name>|inline [noid] [sex|nosex] [skip <lines_at_beginning>]

Reads a file containing data for unrelated individuals. The individual ID in the first column of data is the only record identifier. Within Sib-pair, this leads to creation of a pedigree for each individual (same pedigree and individual ID). If consecutive duplicate IDs are present, this is dealt with by creation of a "family" comprised of the duplicate records, each with a new ID, generated by appending a "_2" to the original ID for the second record and so on. If the noid keyword is present, then no ID is expected, and will be generated by using the line number. If the sex keyword is present then the second column of data is expected to be the sex (nosex is present to be consistent with the read pedigree command and is the default). The skip keyword leads to the skipping past that number of lines at the beginning of the file.


out simple.dat
echo 4
echo 2
echo 1
set loc trait qua
read cases simple.dat noid
file delete simple.dat

See also:

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