Sib-pair Command: order

ClassData Declaration command
Arguments <loc1>...[<locB> to <locC>]...[$(m|x|q|a)[r|m]]...<locN>.

Set the order of all members of that class, while the m modifier causes the order to be the genetic map order. You may have to revise the genetic map order (by set map or set dist to get sensible export files for some programs such as Linkage (Sib-pair assumes a map position lower than the preceding position implies the markers are unlinked).


>> ls
ibd* D16S769 D16S3145 D16S753 D16S409 D16S411 D16S419 D16S415 D16S771 
 1  active traits;  8  active markers.

>> order $mr $a

>> ls
 D16S771 D16S415 D16S419 D16S411 D16S409 D16S753 D16S3145 D16S769 ibd* 
  1  active traits;  8  active markers.

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