Genetics of Laterality, Smell, Taste and Reading
Study Code:TA
Sample:Twins and their siblings who have participated or registered in the adolescent Twin Moles or Cognition (MAPS) studies.
Start Date:Aug.2002
Status:In progress
Contact:Margie Wright
More Info:QIMR only


The Twin Adolescent (TA) Study is investigating the "Genetics of Laterality, Health and Wellbeing, Personality, Smell Sensitivity, Taste Sensitivity and Reading".
The study consists of three parts.
1) Self report questionnaire
2) Smell and taste tests
3) reading task


To advance understanding of the genetic basis of the following behavioural traits:
*Laterality (Annett Handedness Questionnaire, Footedness and Eyeness Questionnaire)
*Personality (NEO PI-R)
*Olfactory function (National Geographic Smell Test (1986), Brief Smell Identification Test (Sensonics, Inc)
*Taste perception (Monell Taste Test , n-propylthiouracil (PROP))
*Attitudes towards parenting (added November 2002)


An approach pack will be sent to 1,000 plus twin pairs (half identical (monozygotic (MZ)), half non-identical (dizygotic (DZ))) aged 12-25 years of age inviting them to participate. The approach pack contained a letter describing the study, a self-report questionnaire, a reading list in a sealed envelope, smell identification and taste tests. A follow-up phone call is made by a trained research interviewer within two weeks of the pack being mailed out. The primary purpose of the follow up call was to administer the reading test.

The QIMR Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) gave human ethics approval for the study (P481) on 2nd July 2002. HREC Mtg 28/6/02 **E-application (H0206-029 [P481] ).


Professor Nick Martin, QIMR
Dr Margie Wright, QIMR
Mark Wainwright (PhD Student)
Sarah Medland (PhD Student)
Romana Leisser (PhD Student)


Professor Max Coltheart, PhD, DSc. Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, MacQuarie University, NSW.
Dr Anne Castles. Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, NSW.
Dr Timothy Bates. Centre for Cognitive Science, Macquarie University, NSW.
Dr Danielle R Reed. Monell Chemical Senses Center, Philadelphia, PA.
Dr Paul Breslin. Monell Chemical Senses Centre, Philadelphia, PA.