Sydney Repeats
Study Code:SR
Sample:412 twins from AC
Start Date:Jan.1990
Contact:David Smyth
More Info:QIMR only


In about 1989/90 JBW and NGM decided to attempt a followup of the AC twins. The process of tracing and persauding the twins took place over several years but eventually around 375 of the original 412 subjects were located and either completed the entire protocol or at least gave blood or buccals for DNA.

The full procedure which most completed included HT, WT blood pressure, FEV1, blood collection and completion of a questionnaire (about 6 pages) which covered frequency of contact, diet, alcohol consumption, alcohol reactions, alcohol-related problems, and smoking. The blood was used for preparation of DNA and ADH2 and ADH3 genotyping; and also for plasma biochemistry similar to that performed in the original ACTS. Some aliquots of the blood are stored in sydney but have essentially been superseded by the SSAGA bloods. Practically all of the twins who took part in this followup also participated in the SSAGA interviews and blood collection.

Most of the papers on alcohol reactions and the effects of ADH genotype arose from this study. As far as the biochemistry goes, the data allows calcualtion of 12 year repeatability by combining the ACTS and SR data. Note that although the title is "Sydney Repeats" some of the twins were seen outside Sydney including Canberra, Brisbane and a few from overseas.