Nicotine Project
Study Code:NC
Sample:Twins, siblings and parents.
Start Date:Jan.2001
Status:In progress
Contact:Anjali Henders
More Info:QIMR only



This is a multi-site, collaborative project involving QIMR, Washington University and the University of Helsinki. Data will be collected at both the Australian and Finnish sites.


Despite the public health significance of smoking, and evidence from adult twin studies for a strong genetic influence on smoking behaviour (heritability estimates as high as 70%), there has been little research designed specifically to identify genes that contribute to risk of addiction to nicotine in humans. The aim of this project is to identify specific chromosomal locations that have at least a moderate effect on risk. This will be done by collecting phenotypic (diagnostic) information from twins, siblings, partners and parents using a structured interview and self-report questionnaire. A blood sample will be obtained from all participants.