Study Code:EN
Sample:AL1/AL2 plus community recruitment
Start Date:Jan.1995
Contact:Anjali Henders
More Info:QIMR only


Identifying genes responsible for specific conditions affecting women's health is one area of research that is being conducted within the Genetic Epidemiology Group at QIMR.

The conditions of particular interest within the research program are:

Endometriosis -

    • In endometriosis, extra-uterine endometrium-like tissue proliferates under the normal hormonal stimuli and sloughs during menstruation, just as the normal endometrium does.
    • Endometriosis is associated with marked morbidity from pelvic pain, menstrual disturbance and possible fertility problems. Diagnosis is currently based on surgical visualisation by laparoscopy.
    • This study aims to identify genes influencing endometriosis.

Age at menopause

    • Genes influence age at first menstruation and other features of the menstrual cycle. Do they influence the end of reproductive life?
    • We have combined information from over 2,000 pairs of female twins participating in 4 different surveys over 16 years. This data is being analysed to answer questions about why women reach natural menopause at the age they do.

Pre-eclampsia in pregnancy

    • Pre-eclampsia (also known as toxaemia) is a condition of high blood pressure that usually occurs in the first pregnancy. Its cause is unknown. This study is interested in various aspects of pre-eclampsia.



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For further information about this study, contact Ms Clare Redfern on (07) 3362-0248 or email her at: clareR@qimr.edu.au or speak to one of our research staff on free call 1800-632 576