Canberra Singles
Study Code:CS
Sample:576 individuals (i.e. singleton twins)
Start Date:Jan.1991
Contact:David Smyth
More Info:QIMR only

The Canberra Singles study contains the information from the Canberra twin pairs where only one twin responded, i.e. the 576 Canberra singles. The information for these twins was not originally used, however in 1991 this data was laboriously entered into an ASCII file. In late 1994, this data was converted into a series of databases with distinct fields for each question.

The questionnaire is the same as that for the main Canberra study:

  • Twinning
  • General Information (marital status, parity, education, ocupation, religion)
  • Lifestyle & Health (smoking, drinking, disease checklist, sleep patterns)
  • Reproductive History (women only)
  • Feelings
  • Personality (Eyesenck Personality Questionnaire)
  • Attitudes