Study Code:AH
Sample:420 twin pairs
Start Date:Jan.1991
Contact:David Duffy
More Info:QIMR only

It is well known that asthma and atopy are interrelated, and that both aggregate within families, and there is currently much interest in the genetics of these conditions. The present study is following up all twins who reported asthma or wheezing in two surveys performed by the Genetic Epidemiology Unit from 1988-1989. In the clinical phase of this study, 420 twin pairs in five capital cities were asked to undergo respiratory function testing including bronchial reactivity to histamine challenge, allergy skin prick testing and venesection for studies of eosinophils and serum IgE. Twins have been typed for chromosome 11 DNA markers recently linked to an atopy susceptibility gene but we have been unable to replicate it. We are collaborating with Sequana Therapeutics Inc. on a genome scan to find major genes for asthma.