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Sarah.Medland @ 

Sarah photo I am an NHMRC Senior Research Fellow working in the areas of psychiatric and quantitative genetics at the Psychiatric Genetics Laboratory, QIMR Berghofer.

I mainly work on:
-  Child & Adolescent Psychopathology
-  Neuroimaging genetics (with ENIGMA),
-  Women's health.

  mach2merlin - convert mach/minimac dosage to merlin-offline format
  dose2plink - convert mach/minimac dosage to plink-dosage format
  ridgecounter - semi-automated ridge counting for rolled fingerprints


  merlin-offline - analysis of imputed data in twins/families
  Polygenic risk scores - calculation and analysis of Polygenic risk scores


  QIMR QuantGen Mx Workshop
  International Workshop on Statistical Genetic Methods for Human   Complex Traits - aka the Boulder Workshop

All photos on this webpage were taken by me - please ask me before using them for something else.