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American Journal of Human Genetics 61 (4): 1140 Suppl. S [Abstract]
DUFFY DL (1998) Gconvert 0.96.8 comp 1
DUFFY D (1999) SIB PAIR 0 98 8 COMP 1
DUFFY DL (2000) SIB PAIR REL 0 99 9 1
DUFFY DL (2000) SIB PAIR V 0 93 1
DUFFY DL (2000) Gconvert 0.99.9i 1
DUFFY DL (2001) SIB PAIR V 0 99 9 QU 1
DUFFY DL (2003) SIB PAIR VER 0 99 9 1
DUFFY DL (2004) SIB PAIR 0 99 9 PROG 1