A view of the ascent ridge to Eliza Plateau and Mt Anne

Here is the gang on their way up to the Eliza Plateau on 24th March. I am still playing with better versions of the image.

Mt Anne is the highest peak in the World Heritage Area of South-West Tasmania. Lake Pedder was dammed and flooded in 1974, drowning its' famous beaches and converting Mt Solitary into an island. In front of the lake are extensive button grass plains that extend up to where we are standing. The visible forest includes some temperate rainforest as well as dense eucalypt forest.

Also visible is the road coming in, and the carpark which we left about 30 minutes previously.

Here is a 56 kB JPEG of Mt Anne itself. The route to the summit crosses the boulder field diagonally then up to the notch on the right hand skyline (45-50 minutes from where the photo is taken).