Examples for Sib-pair

I have prepared Sib-pair style pedigree and script files for a number of published datasets from the genetics literature. More extensive documentation is to be found in the comments at the head of the each script and pedigree file, often including results obtained by using other genetics packages. Several are well-known examples that have been analysed by several authors.

alopecia.in, alopecia.ped

Interesting inbred pedigree used to map Alopecia Universalis by Ahmad et al (Science 1998; 279: 720-4).

apoa.in, apoa.ped

Plasma Apo(a) genotypes, Apo(a) isoforms, and Lp(a) levels, in 52 African-American families from Mooser et al AJHG 61: 402-17.

ataxia.in, ataxia.ped

Episodic Ataxia/Myokymia pedigrees from Litt et al AJHG 1994; 55: 702-9 used as an example for APM mapping by Davis et al. AJHG 1996; 58: 867-80.

blau.in, blau.ped

Blau family syndrome pedigree from Tromp et al AJHG 1996; 59: 1097-1107

breast.in, breast.ped

Breast Ca pedigrees from Hall et al Science 1990; 250: 1684-9.

cai.in, cai.ped

The large pedigree with cosegregation of Alzheimers disease and APOE from Cai et al Am J Med Genet (Neuropsychiatr Genet) 1997; 74: 365-69.

davie.in, davie.ped

PKU sibships as an example of estimating segregation ratios under incomplete ascertainment from Davie Ann Hum Genet 1979; 42: 507-11.

devries.in, devries.ped

HLA data from DeVries et al , used as an example by Lange 1988.

epilepsy.in, epilepsy.ped

Idiopathic generalized epilepsy -- Zara et al (Hum Mol Genet 1995; 4:1201-7). Reanalysed by Kruglyak & Lander (AJHG 1996 58:1347-63).

errors.in, errors.ped

Two pedigrees with Mendelian incompatibilities from Stringham & Boehnke AJHG 1996; 59: 946-50.

fmf.in, fmf.ped

Familial Mediterranean Fever mapping families from Shohat et al AJHG 1992; 51: 1349-54.

ghex.in, ghex.ped

Genehunter example with two large sibships, 11 markers each 9.1% apart.

hlp3.in, hlp3.ped

Pedigrees from Feussner et al. Genetics of Type III hyperlipoproteinemia. Genet Epidemiol 14: 283-97

lgmd2a.in, lgmd2a.ped

Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy Type 2A -- Chrom 15 CANP3 from Richard et al Am J Hum Genet 1997; 60: 1128-1138.

lincl.in, lincl.ped

Finnish families containing probands suffering from neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis described in Savukoski et al AJHG 1994; 55: 695-701.

nem1.in, nem1.ped

Nemaline Myopathy pedigree from Laing et al AJHG 1992; 50:576-83. NEM, ApoC2, as per Fig 1.

psoriasis.in, psoriasis.ped

Psoriasis families from Matthews et al Nat Genet 1996; 14: 231-3 8 chromosome 4q markers from genome scan.

rossen.in, rossen.ped

HLA-DR sharing in a rheumatoid arthritis pedigree from Rossen et al Hum Immunol 1982; 4:183-196 used as an example of IBD-APM methods by Whittemore & Halpern Biometrics 1994; 50: 118-127.

userex7.in, userex7.ped

Example 7 from Terwilliger & Ott, Handbook of Human Genetic Linkage -- consanguinuity loops incl double first cousin marriage.

ward.in, ward.ped

Analysis of Patrick Ward's example pedigree AJHG 1993.

volga.in, volga.ped

Volga German AD families from Schellenberg et al Science 1992; 258:668-71.

williams.in, williams.ped

Family 26 from hypercholesterolemia study of Williams et al JAMA 1986 used to establish linkage to LDL-R RFLP in Leppert et al Am J Hum Genet 1986; 39: 300-6 and reanalysed by several authors eg Guo & Thompson AJHG 1992; 51:1111-26

zieve.in, zieve.ped

Atopy data from Zieve et al Ann Eugenics 1937; 163-78.