Sib-pair Command: which

Arguments([<loc1> [[to] <locN> [$(a|q|m|h|x)[m|r]])
where <search_string>
where position <map_pos1> [-- | to <map_pos2>] ...

Gives position/rank of each locus argument in the total list of loci.

Most Sib-pair commands will recognize a number as identifying a locus for analysis. For datasets with many loci, referring to loci by number is efficient, especially if specifying a range.

As for list, the where clause searches the locus annotations or the marker map and returns the position of matching loci.


>> include
>> which D16S409

(5) D16S409             

>> ls 4 -- 6
D16S753 D16S409 D16S411 
 0  active traits;  3  active markers.

See also:

ls List loci

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