Sib-pair Command: sibpair

ClassAnalysis and data manipulation command
Arguments|he1|he2|vis <quantitative trait>| <binary trait> [<Weight variable>] [sim] [mea <trait mean>] [var | sd <trait variance or SD>] [cor<trait sibling correlation>]

Performs Haseman-Elston regressions (Sham & Purcell [2000] as the default, but Visscher-Hopper [Visscher & Hopper 2001], traditional and "new" Haseman-Elston also available) for all marker loci versus the trait using full and half-sib relative pairs. The contribution of each pair can be weighted by the mean of their values at a quantitative trait. Empirical P-values can be simulated, if requested. For the S+P regression, the "true" population trait mean, variance and sibling correlation can be specified, to facilitate analysis of selected samples.


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