Sib-pair Command: set analysis

ClassAnalysis and data manipulation command
Nameset analysis

Includes imputed genotypes in generalized linear models fitted using the regress command. Genotypes are automatically reimputed each time regress is called. The idea of this is to allow multiple imputation association analysis. Imputation is performed using Sib-pair's single locus genotype MCMC sampler.

The regress command with imputed genotypes respects the set frequencies command, so that the population allele frequencies can be specified in advance. This allows appropriate estimation in samples ascertained on genotypes at the locus to be tested.


>> include
>> reg CHD = ldl
>> set analysis imputed
>> set freq ldl 0.999 0.001
>> reg CHD = ldl
>> reg CHD = ldl
>> reg CHD = ldl

See also:

set frequencies Specify allele frequencies
gpe Genotype probability estimates.
regress Generalized linear models.

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