Sib-pair Command: read locus merlin

ClassData Declaration command
Nameread locus merlin
Arguments <locus file name> [xli] [snp]

Read locus names, types from a Merlin-format locus (.dat) file. Markers are treated as sex-linked when the xli modifier is used. Markers are stored as SNPs when the snp modifier is used, with reduced memory consumption.


>> file cat /main/home/davidD/sim/GxE/merlin.dat
M marker008
M marker009
M marker010
C env

>> read locus merlin merlin.dat

Read in names of    5 loci from locus file.

>> lis

 Locus           Type Position
 --------------- ---- ----------------
 marker008        m         6--      7   M marker008
 marker009        m         8--      9   M marker009
 marker010        m        10--     11   M marker010
 dBP              q        12            T dBP
 env              q        13            C env

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