Sib-pair Command: famnum|index

ClassData functions
Namefamnum | index

Position of pedigree and of individual in the active dataset.


>> print where index <= 4

Print where "index < = 4":

ped=1a id=1 fa=x mo=x sex=m ibd=n D16S769=3/4
ped=1a id=2 fa=x mo=x sex=f ibd=n D16S769=4/5
ped=1a id=3 fa=1 mo=2 sex=f ibd=y D16S769=4/4
ped=1a id=4 fa=1 mo=2 sex=f ibd=y D16S769=4/5

Number of matched persons   =    4 out of   231 (1.7%)
Number of matched pedigrees =    1 out of    54 (1.9%)

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