Genetic Epidemiology, Psychiatric Genetics, Asthma Genetics and Statistical Genetics Laboratories investigate the pattern of disease in families, particularly identical and non-identical twins, to assess the relative importance of genes and environment in a variety of important health problems.
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The ENIGMA Consortium: large-scale collaborative analyses of neuroimaging and genetic data.
The Enhancing NeuroImaging Genetics through Meta-Analysis (ENIGMA) Consortium is a collaborative network of researchers working together on a range of large-scale studies that integrate data from 70 institutions worldwide. Organized into Working Groups that tackle questions in neuroscience, genetics, and medicine, ENIGMA studies have analyzed neuroimaging data from over 12,826 subjects. In addition, data from 12,171 individuals were provided by the CHARGE consortium for replication of findings, in a total of 24,997 subjects. By meta-analyzing results from many sites, ENIGMA has detected factors that affect the brain that no individual site could detect on its own, and that require larger numbers of subjects than any individual neuroimaging study has currently collected. ENIGMA's first project was a genome-wide association study identifying common variants in the genome associated with hippocampal volume or intracranial volume. Continuing work is exploring genetic associations with subcortical volumes (ENIGMA2) and white matter microstructure (ENIGMA-DTI). Working groups also focus on understanding how schizophrenia, bipolar illness, major depression and attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) affect the brain. We review the current progress of the ENIGMA Consortium, along with challenges and unexpected discoveries made on the way.
2014 Jun
entrez 2014/01/09 06:00
pubmed 2014/01/09 06:00
medline 2014/12/17 06:00
Thompson PM Thompson Paul M PM Imaging Genetics Center, Institute for Neuroimaging and Informatics, Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California, 2001 N. Soto Street, Los Angeles, CA, 90033, USA,
Stein JL Stein Jason L JL
Medland SE Medland Sarah E SE
Hibar DP Hibar Derrek P DP
Vasquez AA Vasquez Alejandro Arias AA
Renteria ME Renteria Miguel E ME
Toro R Toro Roberto R
Jahanshad N Jahanshad Neda N
Schumann G Schumann Gunter G
Franke B Franke Barbara B
Wright MJ Wright Margaret J MJ
Martin NG Martin Nicholas G NG
Agartz I Agartz Ingrid I
Alda M Alda Martin M
Alhusaini S Alhusaini Saud S
Almasy L Almasy Laura L
Almeida J Almeida Jorge J
Alpert K Alpert Kathryn K
Andreasen NC Andreasen Nancy C NC
Andreassen OA Andreassen Ole A OA
Apostolova LG Apostolova Liana G LG
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Aribisala B Aribisala Benjamin B
Bastin ME Bastin Mark E ME
Bauer M Bauer Michael M
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Bergmann O Bergmann Orjan O
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Blangero J Blangero John J
Bockholt HJ Bockholt Henry J HJ
Bøen E Bøen Erlend E
Bois C Bois Catherine C
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Booth T Booth Tom T
Bowman IJ Bowman Ian J IJ
Bralten J Bralten Janita J
Brouwer RM Brouwer Rachel M RM
Brunner HG Brunner Han G HG
Brohawn DG Brohawn David G DG
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Buitelaar J Buitelaar Jan J
Bulayeva K Bulayeva Kazima K
Bustillo JR Bustillo Juan R JR
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Cannon DM Cannon Dara M DM
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Carless MA Carless Melanie A MA
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Chakravarty MM Chakravarty M Mallar MM
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Cichon S Cichon Sven S
Clark VP Clark Vincent P VP
Conrod P Conrod Patricia P
Coppola G Coppola Giovanni G
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Curran JE Curran Joanne E JE
Czisch M Czisch Michael M
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de Geus EJ de Geus Eco J C EJ
den Braber A den Braber Anouk A
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Depondt C Depondt Chantal C
de Haan L de Haan Lieuwe L
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Dimitrova R Dimitrova Rali R
Djurovic S Djurovic Srdjan S
Dong H Dong Hongwei H
Donohoe G Donohoe Gary G
Duggirala R Duggirala Ravindranath R
Dyer TD Dyer Thomas D TD
Ehrlich S Ehrlich Stefan S
Ekman CJ Ekman Carl Johan CJ
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Emsell L Emsell Louise L
Erk S Erk Susanne S
Espeseth T Espeseth Thomas T
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Fernández G Fernández Guillén G
Fisher SE Fisher Simon E SE
Foroud T Foroud Tatiana T
Fox PT Fox Peter T PT
Francks C Francks Clyde C
Frangou S Frangou Sophia S
Frey EM Frey Eva Maria EM
Frodl T Frodl Thomas T
Frouin V Frouin Vincent V
Garavan H Garavan Hugh H
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Gruber O Gruber Oliver O
Guadalupe T Guadalupe Tulio T
Gur RE Gur Raquel E RE
Gur RC Gur Ruben C RC
Göring HH Göring Harald H H HH
Hagenaars S Hagenaars Saskia S
Hajek T Hajek Tomas T
Hall GB Hall Geoffrey B GB
Hall J Hall Jeremy J
Hardy J Hardy John J
Hartman CA Hartman Catharina A CA
Hass J Hass Johanna J
Hatton SN Hatton Sean N SN
Haukvik UK Haukvik Unn K UK
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Hollinshead M Hollinshead Marisa M
Holmes AJ Holmes Avram J AJ
Homuth G Homuth Georg G
Hoogman M Hoogman Martine M
Hong LE Hong L Elliot LE
Hosten N Hosten Norbert N
Hottenga JJ Hottenga Jouke-Jan JJ
Hulshoff Pol HE Hulshoff Pol Hilleke E HE
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Jack CR Jr Jack Clifford R CR
Jenkinson M Jenkinson Mark M
Johnston C Johnston Caroline C
Jönsson EG Jönsson Erik G EG
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Kim S Kim Sungeun S
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Roffman JL Roffman Joshua L JL
Roiz-Santiañez R Roiz-Santiañez Roberto R
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Rose EJ Rose Emma J EJ
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Rujescu D Rujescu Dan D
Ryten M Ryten Mina M
Sachdev PS Sachdev Perminder S PS
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Savitz J Savitz Jonathan J
Saykin AJ Saykin Andrew J AJ
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Schmaal L Schmaal Lianne L
Schnack HG Schnack Hugo G HG
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Seidman L Seidman Larry L
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Simmons A Simmons Andrew A
Sisodiya SM Sisodiya Sanjay M SM
Smith C Smith Colin C
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Sprooten E Sprooten Emma E
Starr JM Starr John M JM
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Sämann PG Sämann Philipp G PG
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Drevets W Drevets Wayne W
Alzheimer’s Disease Neuroimaging Initiative, EPIGEN Consortium, IMAGEN Consortium, Saguenay Youth Study (SYS) Group
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Brain Mapping methods
Cooperative Behavior methods
Genome-Wide Association Study methods
Humans methods
Meta-Analysis as Topic methods
Neuroimaging methods
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