ICTS Satellite Meeting Brisbane June 20th 2016
Program Outline:
Monday 20th June
ICTS 2016 Scientific Sessions @ QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

08:00-10:00  Registration Desk Open
08:45-08:50  Acknowledgment of Country
08:50-09:00  Opening of the Meeting

Scientific Session A
09:00-09:25  Lucas Ferreira, Chika Honda: The International Network of Twin Registries (INTR): integrated collaborative efforts for twin research
09:25-09:45  Juko Ando: Current challenges of studies "of" twins, "by" twins and "for" twins in Japan
09:45-10:00  Gonneke Willemsen: Providing feedback on longitudinal participation and results to twin register participants
10:00-10:15  Perminder Sachdev: The Older Australian Twins Study - Findings from the first 10 years
10:15-10:30  Dale Nyholt: Finding the twinning genes

Scientific Session B
10:55-11:15   Nancy Segal: Twins Switched at Birth: A World Tour
11:15-11:30   Monica Rankin: Stillbirths in multiple birth pregnancies
11:30-11:45   Tessa Cutler: Can we do more to help parents of newborn twins understand about zygosity and chorionicity?
11:45-12:00   Risk Matiya: Individuation and separation among twins in Zimbabwe
12:00-12:15   Juan OrdoƱana: Identity fusion in twins
12:15-12:30   Meike Bartels: Bullying and Victimization in Twins: the Effect of Classroom Sharing and other Twin-Specific Factors

Lunch Break and Poster Session
Presenters at their poster from 13:00-13:30

Keynote Lecture
13:30-14:05   Jaakko Kaprio: Discordant twin pair studies - national and international dimensions

Scientific Session C
14:05-14:25   Lise Dubois: Genetic and environmental influences on dietary intake and body weight from birth to early adulthood: lessons learned from Canadian singleton and twin birth cohort data
14:25-14:45   John Hopper: Twin research for population health and well-being
14:45-15:00   Amabile Dario: Obesity does not increase the risk of chronic low back pain. A prospective study of Spanish adult twins
15:00-15:15   Liang-Dar Hwang: Sweet taste perception is associated to body mass index at the phenotypic and genotypic level
15:15-15:30   Moritz Herle: Parental reports of infant and child eating behaviors are not affected by their beliefs about twins' zygosity

Scientific Session D
15:50-16:10   Jeff Craig: Studies of the role of epigenetics in the early life origins of disease using a twin cohort
16:10-16:25   Shuai Li: A measure of genome-wide average DNA methylation, which is also a risk factor for cancer, is determined in utero: insights from seven twin and family studies of different stages of the lifespan
16:25-16:40   Adam Tarnoki: Genetic covariance between the carotid and femoral intima-media thickening
16:40-16:55   Nick Martin: Twin and genome-wise association analysis of nicotine metabolite ratio, a biomarker of smoking behaviour

Conference Close
16:55-17:00   Conference Close

Behavior Genetics (BGA) Annual Meeting Welcome function
18:00-21:00   The Welcome function will be held @ Stokehouse Q in South Bank
Tickets for the Welcome function will be available for purchase for ICTS2016 delegates who are not registering for BGA2016.

Key Dates:
Registration and Abstract submission will open in February

Pre-conference workshop 14th-17th June
There will be a pre-conference OpenMx (Twin modelling) workshop held at QIMR Berghofer from the 14th-17th June. Please email Sarah Medland [sarahMe(at)qimr(dot)edu(dot)au] if you want to register your interest in participating in the workshop. Please note the workshop size will be capped at 25 participants.